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About Us

Verified Lenders Inc. is the first and only source for Lender Verification®, ratings, reviews, lending data, activity and trends. Included are hundreds of the most proven reliable and actively lending private money, hard money, commercial lenders and banks.  With our easy to understand lender directory, verification and rating system you can intelligently choose the best source to submit your loan request to without fear of wasted time. Our Lender Verification® and rating system takes into account a number of aspects of confirmed financial information and data to give a reliable and accurate picture of specific lenders trends. 

How We Started
As commercial and residential lending professionals we noticed that it became almost impossible to figure out who would fund the next loan. Liquidity became an issue even for those lenders we had worked with for years. We heard from many of our broker/lender friends that had clients losing money to lenders they had never even heard of and wanted to know if they were “for real”. We came up with a solution by applying data intelligence gathering, cross referencing of public information and a mathematical scoring system to greatly increase the odds of funding your transactions. We may not be able to approve your loan but we sure can send you to those who are actively funding in the marketplace. The only reason we are able to make this happen is by spreading the cost over a large member group and that’s how the idea hatched.