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    Reveals who IS and is NOT Verified as a True Direct Lender, based on historic recorded loan closings found in public records. Though its important to Verify a company is direct, it does not mean they are actively funding loans TODAY, as many Verified lenders have NOT funded loans in more that 6 to 12 months, yet still advertise they do! We HIGHLY recommend checking their "Loan Rating" to confirm how active or inactive they really are... press next to find out more!

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    Tells you if a lender has funded recent loans and how active or inactive they really are each month as their performance changes. A higher rating means the more they are consistantly lending and increasing loan volume the last 90 days, the lower the rating the less active they are and haven't funded in more than 3 or 6 months! Its recommended to be cautious with those under 3 Star and do not recommend those 2 star or below. (Must upgrade to our FREE 14 day premium trial to access loan activ

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