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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions by our members and lenders.  Please check if your question is here before contacting us to ask. 

General Questions
Answers to general questions about our service
Member Accounts
Answers to questions about member accounts
Verification & VL Rating
Answers to questions about our Verification process and VL Rating System
For Lenders & Banks
Answers to general lender questions
General Questions
What is
Why does your directory contain lenders who are not in business?
Where do you get the lender data?
How do I get a hold of someone to ask more questions or get more information on your service?
Member Accounts
What if I don't see my lender in your database?
Verification & VL Rating
How do you verify and rate lenders?
What are the main factors used to rate lenders performance and information?
How accurate is your lender information and data?
What types of lenders do you verify?
For Lenders & Banks
What are the benefits to updating/creating my profile?
How do we get started?
Is there a fee for your service?