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As a respected private or institutional lender we are pleased to welcome you to our group.  Here at Verified Lenders Inc. we intend on assisting you through these difficult times by clarifying your presence and purpose in our marketplace.  As former lenders ourselves we understand the need to infuse trust and confidence in your broker / borrower clients and there's no better way than a third party verifying your abilities.

Verified Lenders Inc. offers the ability for the prospect clients to get an "at-a-glance" look at your products/performance and thus the confidence to give their commitment knowing you will provide what you say. Also it provides the broker community today with the trust and confidence they need to sell your product.  If you choose to become a participant we will rapid rescore you as your transactions close, highlight your company profile, performance and loan products. Additionally all participants adhering to our guidelines will receive a "Verified Lenders®" checkmark and badge which can be placed on your website, emails, and any marketing material to directly link prospects to your company profile highlighting your “Credibility” and “Transparency.”  This will separate you from just another add in the same old publications that everyone has begun to see as nothing but propaganda. 

We know that trust and confidence is a huge issue today...
What are you doing  today to establish trust and confidence in your company?

Verified Lenders Inc. does not ask for financials, or to come audit your files, we wouldn’t want to be that intrusive. We take what you tell us in a few minutes and independently  research and confirm hat information through our databases of public records to compile a proof positive flow of deal activity. Although it may seem unnecessary to you, your potential new borrower and broker prospects have ALL needed this reassurance now for a while and it might just turn you into the next chosen source for the “better” deals they see. With added trust brokers are less likely to sell anyone else’s product knowing you are the local market leader and therefor best choice. Whether you’re a small investor or national intermediary selling multiple products, we offer a way to stand out from the competition. Instead of ever being bothered to give references, we become your best reference, with a big green check mark indicating on the Verified Lenders™ profile and badge giving the “green light” to those considering if you are the best choice. Further, even your investors are bound to be impressed with your progressive move towards transparency. It adds yet another good reason to tell everyone about yourself and grow your business. This clearly defines you as one of the good guys trying to stand apart from those who choose to hide. Now is the time to take part in positive industry changes before they are forced upon us for not acting. Call us, let’s talk about how this could benefit you and your organization.

"We want to congratulate and thank all the participants of our lender transparency movement for making a positive decision to take an active role in establishing greater trust and confidence in our industry helping us all”

We appreciate your support!

Verified Lenders Inc. Management