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So happy to find you! Your service is vital and sorely needed. In this market, time is of the essence. No one has weeks (or months) to figure out if the lender they are working with is the \\\"real deal\\\\\\\". I\\\\\\\'m finding the majority of \\\\\\\"lender-broker\\\\\\\" representatives that either misrepresent or can\\\\\\\'t do a deal - even when they swear they can. Having an independent source to VERIFY and RATE a lenders closed deals can more than cut my up front time on a deal in half.\\\\\\\"
By:  Steve Miszkowicz, President Premier Financial Group, Inc., Chicago
After having just signed up (a relatively easy process) we were greatly impressed by both content and ease of use. Like most brokerages, we continually deal with all of the various shades of lending, a sign of the times these days, and are pleased with the available ranges, ratings of lenders, and matrix information that can be pulled up almost instantaneously Keep up the good work and thanks so much for providing such a valuable and useful tool.
By:  Sheldon A.Berk President - C.E.O. Residential Commercial Industrial Real Estate Lending
I would like to thank you for your support. I think you have done a great job providing me the information my client was looking for. We have made a combined decision not to move forward with the lender we were thinking about working with. After I have received the verification and performance rating of the lender, we have made a very intelligent decision for my client. Your information was very helpful. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.
Great site and very much needed!
By:  RG Sunset Mtg dba Financial Mtg Group